Summer is here!

This weekend has been a busy one for Chewy. Saturday marks the first day of Summer and the solstice celebrations have commenced.

Saturday started with my husband and I having a really early tennis match. Chewy was confused that we were leaving her at home. We played indoor which means she can’t be our ball girl. (We’ll play outdoor tennis with you during the week, Chewy.)

When we arrived home, to Chewy waiting right at the door, we got my bike tires pumped and headed for a run and bike ride. Cody (my husband, a marathon runner) has always wished that Chewy would have more focus when running. Well, we found her running focus! Me riding in front of her while they try to keep up.

Our 10 mile round trip was awesome! I rode slowly and soaked up the sunshine while Chewy and Cody stayed right on my tail. We made lots of little stops for our little princess to have water breaks. Her tail was wagging so fast throughout the run and when we got home, she had a nice cool bath and was too tired to fight it (absolute win for me and Cody).

To bring the weekend to an end, we went swimming at the lake. Chewy loves to swim out to sticks and balls and bring them half way in. She isn’t really big on returning her toys to us! I love to watch her swim and catch the occasional wave created by boats speeding by in the distance. She looks like a sleek salmon by the time she gets out of the water.

She is my happy.


Chewy’s debut.

I think the best way for me and Chewy to kick start our blog life is to introduce ourselves. I’m an Australian girl living in Seattle with my husband (Seattle boy) and my best friend, Chewy. Chewy came into our lives 2 years ago. We first met her at the local Humane Society and fell in love. With her gorgeous mix of Chow Chow and Labrador features and a snotty nose, we couldn’t resist. This tiny little black bear was staring up at us. As she had kennel cough, the Humane Society said we would have to come back in two days, as it was a first come first serve situation. Of course, she had two other families interested. Two days passed, and still we couldn’t get her gorgeous face out of our mind. I begged with my husband, please leave work early and please be the first in line to get her. I HAVE to be her doggy mum!

That night when my husband picked me up from work, there in the passenger seat was the most beautiful little furry girl that crawled up on to my lap. It’s safe to say, Chewy has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, that face!