Woof Camp.

Chewy; companion, happy, dog.  How does any owner explain their four legged friend. There usually is a lot of referencing to how they are so adorable and cuddly, which they are for the most part, when they’re not sniffing one another’s bum or rolling in something that has started its final stages of decay. Chewy does most of those things, however she does excel in a few areas that I would like to think some other dogs cannot. Don’t let her inner city upbringing and dainty demeanor fool you. She is a hard-core camper and hiker, even if her bug-eyed, unhinged look of empty headed-ness might seem to tell you otherwise. Chewy is happy to go and be anywhere with my wife Sam or myself.

We spend most of our time hiking around Monte Cristo, which is an abandoned mining town about 30 minutes drive from Granite Falls. Chewy leads the way and I wish I had at least a quarter of her energy as she will run up and down cliffs after some scurrying creature. Or dive’s head first down an escarpment to get to some water, which can be entertaining. Chewy will keep the party moving. She even has done a few of the hikes that exceed 20+ miles without tiring until we are safely back at the car. She has hiked Glacier and Gothic Basin’s multiple times. She has down the arduous Bald Eagle Loop which is a 29 mile jaunt through the woods. She has been to Goat Lake and swam with the water fowl. Chewy is a seasoned hiker to say the least.

My wife was kind enough to let me and Chewy get out of the house and go for an overnight hike. I wasn’t sure if she would be ok with us being out until she said she would finally have some time to relax, so that was my “go ahead.” So the fuzzy beast and I left for Twin Lakes up North off Mountain Loop Highway. Suffice to say it was a beautiful day that Northwestern Washington only has the honor of having 2-3 months out of the year. We arrived at our destination and Chewy was the first one in the lake. She’s an avid swimmer. We even encountered some sort of mountain marmot, which unfortunately crossed paths with Chewy. We were able to make a fire and then slept outside. Chewy was of course hard to see unless you shined a light in her direction which would illuminate her eyes like some sort of predator, however she would run up tail wagging. It was great. She spent the night asleep by my feet growling at any noise coming from outside of camp. We’ve had many trips like this and she keeps a good eye on me. She truly is a great companion and hiker.

Chewy going to Glacier Basin.
Chewy going to Glacier Basin.

Making the most of summer.

With summer coming to a close, Chewy isn’t missing a beat! We’ve been out and about playing in the tiny bit of sunshine that is left. When you live in Washington, you know the drill – sun is out, you are out! As Chewy has been camping and hiking with her dad, I thought it would be best for the oh so handsome and talented Cody to be a guest writer. His post is coming very soon…Enjoy!

P.S. Before you read about Chewy camping, check her out below playing dress-ups with her mummy!

Real ladies wear pearls.
Real ladies wear pearls.

Swimming is fun!

Chewy is my little salmon. We have spent the week swimming in Lake Washington and have loved every second of the sunshine. When I swim out, she is right on my tail (pun intended)! We’re excited for another week of swimming and summer.

Chewy takes me swimming.
Chewy takes me swimming.

We love summer!

Summer is in full swing and we love it! Chewy, Cody and I have been swimming and playing in the sunshine at every opportunity. We are so lucky to live across the road from one of the best parks in Seattle and Lake Washington.

Soaking up the sunshine.
Soaking up the sunshine.

A busy fortnight.

Sorry for the late post! This fortnight has been a busy one. With the long hours at work and trying to make the most of the Seattle sunshine, the Stark’s have been on the go.

Over the last two weeks, Chewy has been running with her dad, dropping me off at work in the wee hours of the morning and picking me up at even crazier hours. Even while writing this, I’m trying so hard to stay awake and Chewy is sound asleep in the lounge room. I promise, next week will be more exciting and full of action. We’re heading to Rattle Snake Lake on the kayak and hopefully heading out on the trail. We’re all excited for next weekend!

Although these last few weeks have been exhausting, seeing Chewy’s face makes it all worth it. She is my definition of unconditional love.

All tuckered out.
All tuckered out.

4th of July adventures.

This weekend was fabulous! Chewy, Cody and I kicked off our 4th of July weekend with a BBQ and fireworks with family. I’ve never seen a backyard fireworks show before, so this was a very exciting moment for me (and thankfully nobody lost a finger). Chewy loved the pretty lights but didn’t really like the loud noise…totally understandable! She would bark then wag her tail with excitement.

The rest of the weekend was pretty awesome too. We made our way to the lake, the museum and ate great food. To finish off her 4th of July adventure weekend, Chewy went on a big hike with her dad. Now that Chewy is sleepy, I’m able to take a nap myself.

Chewy loves to hike.
Chewy loves to hike.


Weekend away.

This weekend was filled with fun and sunshine. My husband and I took a quick trip to LA, to visit family and get some Summer sunshine. Chewy was excited, as this meant she could spend the whole weekend with her Grandma and Grandpa.

Chewy loves to stay with her grandparents and they affectionately refer to her as their grand-puppy. It’s adorable and as a doggy mum, it’s the best feeling to hear that others love Chewy just as much as I do. Her favorite activity at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s is to watch the squirrels…for hours! When we got home, our Chewy update was pretty much just that. With all the other fun activities she got up to, squirrel watching was and is definitely her favorite.

We’re all happy to be home together and I can’t stop hugging her. Being in a pool for a whole weekend is exciting, but hugging Chewy is much more fun.

Chewy's favorite hobby is squirrel watching.
Chewy’s favorite hobby is squirrel watching.

Summer is here!

This weekend has been a busy one for Chewy. Saturday marks the first day of Summer and the solstice celebrations have commenced.

Saturday started with my husband and I having a really early tennis match. Chewy was confused that we were leaving her at home. We played indoor which means she can’t be our ball girl. (We’ll play outdoor tennis with you during the week, Chewy.)

When we arrived home, to Chewy waiting right at the door, we got my bike tires pumped and headed for a run and bike ride. Cody (my husband, a marathon runner) has always wished that Chewy would have more focus when running. Well, we found her running focus! Me riding in front of her while they try to keep up.

Our 10 mile round trip was awesome! I rode slowly and soaked up the sunshine while Chewy and Cody stayed right on my tail. We made lots of little stops for our little princess to have water breaks. Her tail was wagging so fast throughout the run and when we got home, she had a nice cool bath and was too tired to fight it (absolute win for me and Cody).

To bring the weekend to an end, we went swimming at the lake. Chewy loves to swim out to sticks and balls and bring them half way in. She isn’t really big on returning her toys to us! I love to watch her swim and catch the occasional wave created by boats speeding by in the distance. She looks like a sleek salmon by the time she gets out of the water.

She is my happy.


Chewy’s debut.

I think the best way for me and Chewy to kick start our blog life is to introduce ourselves. I’m an Australian girl living in Seattle with my husband (Seattle boy) and my best friend, Chewy. Chewy came into our lives 2 years ago. We first met her at the local Humane Society and fell in love. With her gorgeous mix of Chow Chow and Labrador features and a snotty nose, we couldn’t resist. This tiny little black bear was staring up at us. As she had kennel cough, the Humane Society said we would have to come back in two days, as it was a first come first serve situation. Of course, she had two other families interested. Two days passed, and still we couldn’t get her gorgeous face out of our mind. I begged with my husband, please leave work early and please be the first in line to get her. I HAVE to be her doggy mum!

That night when my husband picked me up from work, there in the passenger seat was the most beautiful little furry girl that crawled up on to my lap. It’s safe to say, Chewy has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, that face!