Autumn Chewy.

It’s been a few months since Chewy and I sat down to write and we’re sorry it has taken so long. These last few months have been super busy! Currently our condo is being renovated and Chewy has been spending a lot of time with grandparents during the week. Although she would like to help the construction guys, she kind of gets in the way. Now that the main work is done, it’s back to normal business for the Stark’s and the 3 of us are back home together.

It’s taken a few years to become accustom to the cold Seattle weather but I’ve finally embraced the fall and Chewy and I have been having a lot of fun. She loves watching the yellow and orange leaves fall and running through them once they are all raked up and in neat piles. We were very lucky this weekend to get a bit of snow. We got out of bed at 5am and went straight outside. She put her nose to the air and was shaking her face in glee like a Polaroid picture. To say she loves the snow is an understatement. The cold weather was worth the happiness I could see in Chewy’s waging tail. Autumn has been a busy but fun time for us and we’re excited for holiday season.

Chewy and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that all of her furry friends had fun with their family and friends.

Autumn leaves make the best backdrop.
Autumn leaves make the best backdrop.
Chewy in the snow
She posed for 5 seconds and then continued to play in the snow.

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