Woof Camp.

Chewy; companion, happy, dog.  How does any owner explain their four legged friend. There usually is a lot of referencing to how they are so adorable and cuddly, which they are for the most part, when they’re not sniffing one another’s bum or rolling in something that has started its final stages of decay. Chewy does most of those things, however she does excel in a few areas that I would like to think some other dogs cannot. Don’t let her inner city upbringing and dainty demeanor fool you. She is a hard-core camper and hiker, even if her bug-eyed, unhinged look of empty headed-ness might seem to tell you otherwise. Chewy is happy to go and be anywhere with my wife Sam or myself.

We spend most of our time hiking around Monte Cristo, which is an abandoned mining town about 30 minutes drive from Granite Falls. Chewy leads the way and I wish I had at least a quarter of her energy as she will run up and down cliffs after some scurrying creature. Or dive’s head first down an escarpment to get to some water, which can be entertaining. Chewy will keep the party moving. She even has done a few of the hikes that exceed 20+ miles without tiring until we are safely back at the car. She has hiked Glacier and Gothic Basin’s multiple times. She has down the arduous Bald Eagle Loop which is a 29 mile jaunt through the woods. She has been to Goat Lake and swam with the water fowl. Chewy is a seasoned hiker to say the least.

My wife was kind enough to let me and Chewy get out of the house and go for an overnight hike. I wasn’t sure if she would be ok with us being out until she said she would finally have some time to relax, so that was my “go ahead.” So the fuzzy beast and I left for Twin Lakes up North off Mountain Loop Highway. Suffice to say it was a beautiful day that Northwestern Washington only has the honor of having 2-3 months out of the year. We arrived at our destination and Chewy was the first one in the lake. She’s an avid swimmer. We even encountered some sort of mountain marmot, which unfortunately crossed paths with Chewy. We were able to make a fire and then slept outside. Chewy was of course hard to see unless you shined a light in her direction which would illuminate her eyes like some sort of predator, however she would run up tail wagging. It was great. She spent the night asleep by my feet growling at any noise coming from outside of camp. We’ve had many trips like this and she keeps a good eye on me. She truly is a great companion and hiker.

Chewy going to Glacier Basin.
Chewy going to Glacier Basin.

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