A busy fortnight.

Sorry for the late post! This fortnight has been a busy one. With the long hours at work and trying to make the most of the Seattle sunshine, the Stark’s have been on the go.

Over the last two weeks, Chewy has been running with her dad, dropping me off at work in the wee hours of the morning and picking me up at even crazier hours. Even while writing this, I’m trying so hard to stay awake and Chewy is sound asleep in the lounge room. I promise, next week will be more exciting and full of action. We’re heading to Rattle Snake Lake on the kayak and hopefully heading out on the trail. We’re all excited for next weekend!

Although these last few weeks have been exhausting, seeing Chewy’s face makes it all worth it. She is my definition of unconditional love.

All tuckered out.
All tuckered out.

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