Weekend away.

This weekend was filled with fun and sunshine. My husband and I took a quick trip to LA, to visit family and get some Summer sunshine. Chewy was excited, as this meant she could spend the whole weekend with her Grandma and Grandpa.

Chewy loves to stay with her grandparents and they affectionately refer to her as their grand-puppy. It’s adorable and as a doggy mum, it’s the best feeling to hear that others love Chewy just as much as I do. Her favorite activity at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s is to watch the squirrels…for hours! When we got home, our Chewy update was pretty much just that. With all the other fun activities she got up to, squirrel watching was and is definitely her favorite.

We’re all happy to be home together and I can’t stop hugging her. Being in a pool for a whole weekend is exciting, but hugging Chewy is much more fun.

Chewy's favorite hobby is squirrel watching.
Chewy’s favorite hobby is squirrel watching.

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