Oh, April.

Chewy and I can’t believe April is nearly over. We’re still in the middle of construction at home and between work and play, Chewy and Cody managed to surprise me with the best birthday weekend ever.

We took a short drive to Kirkland and stayed at The Heathman Hotel, which happens to be pet friendly and since Chewy could join us it made it extra special. Cody and Chewy also found a gorgeous spot called the Flatstick Pub that invites pooches to dine and drink with their humans. It was so much fun! But the surprises didn’t stop there; they also booked me in for a relaxation spa treatment and gave me pearls (my favorite). Cody and Chewy truly made me feel like a princess and it was so much fun I completely missed/forgot my annual ‘I’m so old’ breakdown! Thanks Cody and Chewy!

Sam, Chewy & Cody at Kirkland
Sam, Chewy & Cody at Kirkland

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